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Managing Your Website - A Leader's Perspective

In the past few years, churches and ministries have changed from asking 'if' they should have a web site to 'how' they should manage their sites. A good web site can enhance discipleship, evangelism, church growth and member fellowship and support. Realizing the potential of your site is no easy task, It is not something that happens on its own but requires attention and disciplined procedures.

Church and ministry leaders are not necessarily equipped to manage a web site. Even if they are outsourcing or delegating the website building and administration, leaders often lack a good sense of the criteria to judge whether the site is being well managed and meeting its potential or just meeting the minimal needs of an on-line church brochure.

Church and ministry leaders need a top management perspective so that they can ask the right questions of the people running their web site, especially in these 3 areas:

  1. Understanding the Potential
  2. Key Success Elements


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