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Church Membership Directory Guide
Key Advantages of the Church Membership Directory:
  • The Church Membership Directory is included the Interactive and Multi-Ministry plans
  • Member password email retrieval
  • Complete flexibility on information collection and display
  • Passwords and accounts can be used with Page Security and eCommerce
  • Users can opt-in to multiple mailing lists
  • Church Membership Directory sort and improved Directory printing
  • Integrated with Advanced Donation Capability
  • Church Membership Directory upload and download including mailing lists.

Member Directory

Click Image or HERE to download the Church Membership Directory Guide Ver.4. You will need Adobe Acrobat to read the PDF document. You can dowload the free reader by clicking here.

Church Membership Directory Set-up Overview:

  • Creating a Church Membership Directory User Group:
    • Login to your site and click on the user accounts link at the bottom of the admin page
    • Click the 'create new group' link under User Groups and create the group
  • Create the Church Membership Directory Page
    • Click on the add page function and select the Member Directory
    • The settings on the page are fairly intuitive, make sure you select the user group you set up in the previous step and save and view the page. You can select the "User Directory" under the user directory type. The Church Directory has an extensive series of variable while the User Directory has a more limited series of variables. You can modify both directories as needed.
    • Once the page is created click 'settings' to add the search and alpha index to the page, click on 'customize page/data fields' to set up the structure of your directory and which fields display.
  • Create the Account Login Form for the Church Membership Directory
    • You can add an account login form to any page, click on the 'Add' button while editing a page and select the login form under Interactive.
    • If you plan to allow users to create their own profiles you will need to 'enable user account creation' by going to the User Accounts page accessible from the ADMIN page and clicking on the User Account Settings tab and checking the enable user account creation. Next edit your account login form and click the enable user account creation option.


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