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Key Factors for Success: Content

Top Internet Sites

Take a look at these sites randomly chosen from the top 100 most visited site in the US (shown:,,,,,

  • Balanced graphic and color theme
    • Not necessarily 'designer graphics' or flash
  • Interesting pictures
    • Draw attention to main message
  • Tight' information design
    • Not extensive narrative but summaries and 'teasers'

Careful navigation Strategy for information organization is #1.

Sample Home Page Organization 
Sample Church home page web site

Similar to leading website, leading churches organize their website for easy access to information that is pertinent to their target audience. Most leading church websites contain many of these content elements:

  • Sermon Series
  • Major Events
  • Visitor Information and Map
  • Quick links to
    • Service Times
    • About Us
    • Ministries
    • News / Events
    • Ways to be more involved
General Guidelines for Content:
  1. Know your audience - how do you answer the questions they have?
  2. Create a knowledge base - a central record that is a definitive source
  3. Going deeper learning - capability to expand and probe into current teaching
  4. Capability to interact - with ministries, staff, groups, other members
  5. Augmented content and links - to help ranking in search engines

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