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Stream Your Services - Live Streaming from Sunday Streams

$49.95 / month is what the typical (over 90%) Sunday Streams customer pays which includes your sermon streams, archives and the production and mobile tools you need.

The best way to get started with Sunday Streams is to fill out our 30-day free trial form located to the right of this page. Find Out More.

Our 30-day free trial comes with everything our $49 package comes with including free phone and email support. Sign-Up Now!

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Best in Live Video Streaming

  • No Fee
  • No Credit Card
  • No Risk

ChurchSquare has joined with Sunday Streams to offer the best in Live Video Streaming.

Sign-up for the Free Sunday Streams Demo and try streaming your service this Sunday!

Sunday Streams will help you get started with the know-how to get your Sunday service live on the web.

Monthly plans begin at $49.

30-Day Free Trial and 90-day unconditional money-back guaranteed.

Features and Pricing
Features and Pricing

No Hidden Fees or Billing Surprises! Over 95% of our clients have never paid a penny more than $49/month!

Both our packages contain so much bandwidth and storage space that, in addition to 95% of our broadcasters never paying more than $49/month, less than 1% of our broadcasters have ever paid more than the flat monthly rate of our larger $79/month package. If your ministry is one of the very few that grows beyond the package you are on, then we'll reach out to you with affordable customized options weeks or months before charging you a penny more than your current package. Plus, all packages come with a 90-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee! Why pay extra for resources you do not use with "unlimited" streaming services when you can easily meet your church's current and future streaming needs with our affordable packages. Sign up today for our 30-Day Free Trial, or contact us with any questions you may have and we will be happy to help.

​​ $49 monthly $79 monthly
Bandwith 250 GB/month* 1 TB/month
Storage 100 GB 200 GB
iOS and Android App Standard Customized
Roku Channel Standard Customized
Trial not available
Shared Features   
  • 100% Ad Free
  • Mobile Auto Detect
  • Customizable, Responsive Design
  • iOS and Android Live & Archive
  • Embed on Your ChurchSquare website (mobile compatible)
  • VidBlaster
  • Customizable Go Player
  • Chatroll Chat
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Multi Bit Rate
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • Broadcast 24/7
  • Same Day Setup
  • Usage Stats
  • Auto Play
  • Social Media Integration

Getting Started with Live Streaming is Easy

The best way to get started with Sunday Streams is to fill out our 30-day free trial CLICK HERE.

Our 30-day free trial comes with everything our $49 package comes with including free phone and email support. You don't even need to provide us with a credit card to begin your free trial.

You may already have everything you need to stream such as a computer, an Internet connection, and a video camera. The only item you may be missing is a video capture device to bring your camera's footage into your computer, and in many cases, this device can be an inexpensive piece of hardware that connects your camera to your computer's USB port. You are welcome to call us to review your setup, and if it turns out you don't have all the hardware you need, then we are happy to reinstate your free trial after you get all the equipment.

After you sign up for your free trial, we'll send you login information to your Sunday Streams Manager which has everything you need to start streaming. Our Quick Start will take you through the steps of setting up your Go Player and with broadcasting using our Easy Encoder or Sunday Streams Live Encoder. You could be live streaming today! Even if all you have available today is a webcam on your computer, you can still use it to test out and become familiar with every aspect of our system.

The Sunday Streams Manager also includes help videos and tutorials to assist you with some of the more advanced options such as embedding live and archive players onto your website and with using other encoders to stream. Even these advanced options can be as simple as copying something from your Sunday Streams Manager and pasting it into your website or encoder.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to help you utilize our service. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to enable you to produce quality broadcasts.


PH: 832-814-5647

Our mission is to assist churches and ministries to use the web for good! Let us know how we can help.

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