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Welcome to InSpirit Truth Center! We are a progressive and dynamic ministry that brings a contemporary voice to the ancient wisdom teachings of Jesus the Christ – we call it Urban Inspirational Metaphysics™.

At InSpirit, our message is simple: we are individualized expressions of God made in His/Her/Its image and likeness. We believe that acknowledging, saluting and celebrating our own divinity in no way robs God of any glory or honor – it is in fact how we honor God and the only way to the abundant lives we were created to live!

So, please click through our site, find out more about us and, most of all, join us for a Sunday service, class or other special event. We guarantee that you'll "Think a New Thought" about what it truly means to be a Christian!
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This week's Celebrate Your Life! Service message will be delivered by Minister Djehuty as he continues his series on "Purpose".
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